What is Independent Living?

Independent living is tailored for seniors that can live on their own. Assistance is offered if needed by an on-site home care agency. We refer to this as a-la-carte services such as showering, med management, etc…

What sets Independent Living Apart?

  • Maintenance-Free Lifestyle: Amenities such as meals, housekeeping, and transport to local groceries allow residents to enjoy their golden years.
  • Community Life: Residents will gain new friendships, learn a new hobby or two and be able to enjoy the company of so many unique individuals.
  • Personalized Care: On-site resources are provided for scheduled services if additional support is needed.
  • Independence: Independence is at the forefront and promoted daily by the staff.

Is Independent Living the Right Choice?

There are a couple questions to ask. Is the individual able to perform daily tasks on their own? Is their Physical and Cognitive health up to par? If the answer is “yes” to these questions, then Independent Living is a great option.

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